Kimialys’ innovation recognised by the French government as an enabling technology to meet France 2030’s objectives in cell therapy production

Kimialys has been awarded a significant grant by the French Secretary General for Investment for the project SEQRET, aiming to develop an on-line, automated and sensitive quality control system for the production of cell therapies.

Led by Kimialys, this 36-month project gathers a consortium of 3 other French partners with complementary skills, including PhaseLab Instrument (a private company developing innovative, sensitive and compact biosensors), the Laboratory of Reactions and Chemical Engineering (LRGP, a clinical-grade bioreactor platform specialised in the production of cell therapies) and the University Hospital of Nancy (expert in the treatment of immune dysfunctions with cell therapies).

This innovative cell therapy production monitoring tool is based on real-time secretome analysis (set of proteins secreted by a cell). The use of Kimialys’ unique chip functionalisation technology allows for the direct, specific and sensitive analysis of bioreactor samples, enabling the reliable detection and quantification of targeted secretome biomarkers to monitor cell functionalities in real-time:

Project SEQRET – Principle

Project Seqret

Leveraging the consortium’s technologies and expertise, we aim to provide new insights during cell therapy production, boosting the yield by:

  • Giving access to cell functionalities in real-time
  • Enabling continuous process optimisation
  • Minimising full batch failures

The SEQRET project forms part of “France 2030” strategy to improve the yield of cell therapy production by a factor x100 by 2030, in order to drastically lower the cost of cell therapies and give access to these innovative treatments to as many people as possible.

More info on the French government website.