Surface Plasmon Resonance

Innovative surface chemistry for gold biochips used in Surface Plasmon Resonance

Gold biochips are routinely used by pharmaceutical companies all along their drug discovery process, from drug candidate screening to biomolecular interaction analysis (kinetics, affinity, avidity, etc.), using a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) instrument.

Yet, current biochips show damaging limitations in performance, mostly in specificity when it comes to complex media (cell extract, serum, etc.).

‚ÄčKimialys tackes this issue by providing SPR users with off-the-shelf and custom ready-to-use gold biochips, enabling sensitive, robust and reproducible SPR measurements while keeping background noise level at minimum. Our technology works with all types of ligands and SPR instruments, without changing the habits of the user.

Nanoparticles And Chips

Always open to new challenges

Kimialys' unique surface chemistry is relevant for any surface-based biosensing application: whether you are developing your own biosensing instrument, or looking for an expertise in biomolecular interaction analysis, our seasoned team can support you in different ways:

Help you enhance the limit of detection and selectivity of your biosensor

Bring our expertise within your national or European project

Help you enhance the limit of detection and selectivity of your biosensor

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